As Navigating Recovery expands, we offer a unique group for adults 55 and over with substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse is the fastest-growing health problem among older adults in the country. In fact, medical experts have now labeled the trend a"The hidden epidemic." Older adults are more susceptible to the effects of drugs and alcohol because it’s the body ages, it often cannot break down drugs and alcohol as easily as it once was.  Adults may take substances to cope with huge life changes that are unique to ages 55 and over, such as retirement, grief and loss, declining health loss, job loss, identity loss, social isolation surviving on a fixed income, chronic pain illness, and loneliness. It’s never too late to get support, resources, help, and new friends with common problems. Call or check out one of our group sessions.  You’ll find a homey,  relaxed and friendly atmosphere. What makes Navigating Recovery different? There’s no judgment, shame, or labeling. We encourage cross-talk because that’s how we learn and laugh. More important, there is no failure, only support and direction from others that really do care.

Your facilitator, Suzie, meets the Stringent criteria of education and certification for Navigating Recovery requires. She also has over 30 years of facilitating groups and individuals As an older adult herself, she has successfully navigated through many of these same problems. Stop in and say hello! 

Email [email protected]

Healthy Lifestyle with Scott

Scott is a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Sports Nutrition coach. He is excited to expand the services offered at Navigating Recovery as he is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy, and substance-free lifestyles. 

 He offers Wednesday groups  @ 6;30pm to help guide your health and wellness goals. After our discussion and Q&A, we will pick a healthy recipe and enjoy preparing and eating together.