​Na​​vigating  Recovery 

Our Vision

Navigating Recovery envisions an understanding community that supports and embraces recovery from addiction.

Scott Mirto Vice President and Founder

Scott is a licensed Practical Nurse who has been working in substance abuse and medication treatment for 5 years. He is the co-founder of Navigating Recovery. His focus is to help people live a balanced life without substances. Scott is leading our team in forming a Teen substance abuse awareness and resource group, something that seems so lacking in our community at this time. He's a strong advocate and resource for the people in our community.

Licensed Practical nurse

Associates in Science.

Certified SMART Facilitator

With compassion and dedication, we have come together to address the substance use public health crisis in Colorado. We believe recovery will flourish in a supportive and nurturing community. 


Executive Director 

of Animal Rescue

David is a founding member of Navigating Recovery. He has over 25 years of experience as a project manager. His passion for helping animals has paved the road for bringing lost animals and individuals with addictions together in a therapeutic community.



Cynthia~ Our Secretary and treasurer. She brings years of experience in  bookkeeping  and accounting. 

Cynthia is a founding member of Navigating Recovery.

She's a traveler and loves to experience life in many different ways. 



Josh is a founding member of Navigating Recovery. The man with the biggest dreams and ideas! He works in the construction trade by day and by weekend is committed to helping people take back what addition has taken away. .



Christine - She's the lady that keeps us organized.  Christine is a nature lover who loves to hike and spend time on the beach when she can. She's an advocate for SMART recovery and a balanced life.

Justin and Brianna- Directors of Teen groups

Brianna- The biggest heart in the group. Anyone who meets this woman is an instant friend. They are part of the Teen substance abuse and resource group. Incorporating exercise and life balance into their recovery programs. Brianna and her husband, Justin, are avid powerlifters and love to discuss health and fitness. Brianna is an Advocate for SMART Recovery and a superstar in our fundraising department.

Suzie- Smart facilitator and Founder of Geriaddicts.

Your facilitator, Suzie, meets the stringent criteria of education and certification that Navigating Recovery requires. She also has over 30 years of facilitating groups and individuals. As an older adult herself, she has already successfully navigated through many of these same problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the community through recovery and family support, 

animal therapy and rescue, public support,​ and continued advocacy.

Rhonda Mirto~ Founder & CEO

Rhonda is a Professional Addiction Coach and Mentor. She is the Founder of  Navigating Recovery Corporation.   Her professional and personal background have motivated her passion for educating the community on the addiction crisis in America. She actively volunteers and lectures in her community and other states. She enjoys having a large family dedicated to the fight against substance abuse.

Certified Executive Leadership Coach ~ CTEDU

Certification in Opioid crisis management ~Harvard X

Studied Addiction Psychology ~ University of Queensland

Masters Business Management University of Phoenix

Master Relationship Communication Coach,

Certified  Nutrition Coach -NASM

Studies Social Psychology at Harvard online and is a

Certified SMART Facilitator. 

Professional Memberships

The National Association for Addiction Professionals.

Institute of Coaching, Mclean, 

Affiliate of Harvard Medical School

International Coaching Institute

The Colorado Association for Addiction Professionals

Navigating Recovery is a Colorado non-profit offering recovery support at no cost to anyone in need.

Your donations help us continue to offer support to the community. Thank you!